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16 Mar

I was working on my sock today in class. I’m pretty happy with how it was turning out then all of a sudden…


My exact reaction: “WHAT THE WHAT?!”

I’ve had it for all of 8 days and I already broke it. Well, there goes $8 I’ll never get back. I suppose I’ll have to upgrade to aluminum or Knit Picks’ nickel plated circular needles.

The end.


Ouch, again

2 Sep

On Monday, I attempted to put my rent in a drive-by mailbox. I let go of the brake before the envelope left my hand and bruised my elbow. I have mad skillz like that. I’ve also been knitting quite a bit this week and have made incredible progress on my latest project. I also learned that I’m allergic to non-virgin wool (or slutty wool). Again- mad skillz. So bruise plus knitting equals knitting elbow.

I am by no means a medical expert, but my left arm is in a ridiculous amount of pain. I probably shouldn’t even be typing. After a year and a half of this blog, you should know me well enough by now to know that no pain can stop me from blogging. OH! and you should also know that since my left arm is hurting, I knit continentally. Yup. Because I started as a crocheter. Yesterday, I also knit long enough to have and indentation on my index finger from maintaining yarn tension (probably indicates that I’m keeping the yarn a bit too tense).

I guess it’s a good thing it’s my left arm and not my right since I am right-handed.

annnnnd it’s off to class I go.


Um… blog much?

13 May

So I haven’t said much in …hm, let’s see… nearly a month?

I have a few half decent excuses:

  1. Papers
  2. Finals
  3. Pre-wedding shindigs for my friends
  4. Good ol’ Macbook Pro hard drive failed (again)
  5. Guild Wars

Okay, so maybe the last one isn’t even half decent, but I am not ashamed to say that I am a level 15 (almost 16!!) Ranger.


I have been doing a fair amount of yarn crafting. Normally, I’d say knitting, but I have been doing other yarn-y things, like crocheting lil’ amigurumi critters (and a David Tennant Doctor). I’m gonna toot my own horn and say that The Doctor is adorable (crocheted and f0rrealz). I also started on the SNB Big Sack Sweater earlier today. It took 9 episodes of Buffy (actual unit of time) to finish. I’d post pictures, but as I mentioned above, my laptop is out of commission. Then how are you blogging? I’m using a dinosaur of a laptop. The specs? 9.3 lbs, 60GB HDD, 512MB SDRAM, and a battery life of 18 minutes. I’m not at all ungrateful for my back up lappy; it’s just not quite ideal. Despite its prehistoric qualities, she runs Guild Wars pretty well… I suppose they were in the same generation of technology.

Wait… what’s this blog about? Oh yeah — knitting. I started the front panel, but I’m calling it quits for the day. I need a break from all the cotton fibers that have been flying in my face and sticking to my clothes. I was going to open this post with “what knits for hours and is red all over?” To which the answer is me. [insert lulz here]


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California & Stream of Consciousness

16 Apr

In ~14 hours, I’m going to be in Irvine, California. I’ll be staying with my good friend Paige Wesley (the genius behind Paige of Doom). Aside from collecting data for my linguistics class, I plan to hit up a yarn shop. I’ve only been to a couple non-JoAnn/Michaels yarn shops, but I’ve never bought anything. Here in Edwardsville, there’s a pretty sweet shop called Knit One, Weave Too. I went there once and they had EVERYTHING. I think the main reason I never buy anything is because I don’t know what I’m going to do with it.

You may remember that I bought a bunch o’ Comfy Bulky yarn from Knit Picks for a sweater (that I haven’t started yet I plan to after the semester’s over). I’m not sure buying yarn for another project is a good idea, but… YARN.

Now that I think of it, I have a LOT of yarn. Mostly nasty acrylic worsted weight.

BACK TO THE POINT. Any suggestions as to what I should make? Perhaps theBell Curve Skirt from knitty. Or Skating Queen? A cardi like CarolynButtony Sweater? Something for my nephew? So many choices.


Return of the Yarn

25 Feb

So… remember that chenille/velour Lion Suede yarn I hated so much? I found a use for it.

There ya go. I used Ravelry’s handy-dandy search to find this pattern. Ravelry’s search allows you to find a pattern based on yarn weight or fiber, needle size, difficulty, rating, and so much more. I only had to weed through 554 patterns to find this one!

…and I still hate this yarn.


Holy multitasking, Batman!

22 Jan

Many many things are going on right now. I’m filling some dream catcher jars for a friend; making my entry for threadknits; thinking really hard about the Miss Priss Diaper pants; staring at my half finished throw; wondering if my gloves will turn out right this time; thinking about making IPA index cards for school; thinking about cleaning; and trying to convince myself that it shouldn’t be difficult for me to leave my apartment to go to Michaels (with a 40% off coupon).

Whew! Run-on sentence? It was worth it; I like semi-colons.

The moral of the story is that I have a lot of my metaphorical plate. Of course the question is “why are you blogging about it rather than doing it?” Because I’m literally watching paint dry… and drinking drank my second gas-uccino of the day.

*sigh* Thanks for the guilt trip, jerks.


Oh boy!

20 Jan

I decided to come home during my 5-hour break mostly because I left through the door facing the parking lot rather than the one that leads to the rest of campus.

Anyway, while surfing the internet (as I often do), I noticed some jobs/internships that looked especially desirable. Now I’m all excited for next time there are internship openings and whatnot! What are these AMAZING opportunities?

The one that really sparked this post is Gizmodo’s opening for a copyediting intern which is right up my alley. I LOVE (prescriptive) GRAMMAR! Sure, criticize me for my occasional typo/grammatical error in my blogs, BUT I’m not an English major for nothin’. This internship is in New York, which is kindof a big deal since Husband is here. I don’t really know whether or not I’ll pursue this, but it sounds mighty nifty.

There are other sites I would like to work for/write for, but I’m not sure if they have/like interns.

The world is an exciting place.


I’ve been doing some knitting. No, I’m not yet finished with the throw… that thing is a BEAST.

After classes & work, I’m headed straight to Michaels to get the appropriate yarn for Miss Priss & Lambie-Pie.


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