I noticed something odd…

26 Dec

Take a look at this:

Can you see what’s wrong? Color choice, maybe, but that’s not what’s REALLY wrong. The problem is that none of these items have a matching pair.

This is why we can’t have nice things that come in twos.

I’m working on a pair of gloves (ALL TWO!) right now. I have no excuse for not finishing these gloves; I’m already mostly packed for my sister’s wedding and the apartment is clean. So! Check back in a couple days. Unless I get completely distracted by a Doctor Who novel or Guild Wars: Factions & Eye of the North expansion (thank you, in-laws!) I will finally prove that I’m not that lazy.


Since I made a new hat for nephew, I didn’t know what to do with the old one… other than put it on my own head.

Tah-dah! One baby’s waaayyyy-too-big hat is a Michelle’s awesome slouch hat.



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