Where is time?!

14 Oct

Of course, time in intangible so it doesn’t have an actual location. Fourth Dimension…

Anyway, the majority of my time is either in the Alestle office/working, doing homework, or sleeping. I haven’t gone to JoAnn yet, but I plan to very soon. VERY SOON.

I recently cleaned up (kind of) my yarn area. The only problem is that when Husband emptied his art cart for my knitting stuff I didn’t know he wanted to trade. I thought he was being nice and letting me have TWO carts so I wouldn’t have to store yarn in cardboard boxes. I’m EXTREMELY opposed to throwing away large amounts of yarn, even if it is from a project I planned to do 5 years ago. Know what this means? Everyone I know is going to receive something knit or crocheted for Christmas… and it’ll probably be kitchy, not functional.

“Cold?” you may be asking yourself. Yes. I am cold. This has not been a friendly morning. I woke up late and was frazzled to the point that I didn’t want to drive. I didn’t go back inside to get a sweater despite Husband’s advice and now I am alone in the office typing and… being cold.

I’ll take pictures of my yarn CARTS when I get home… later… much much later…

This is a baby platypus.



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