A Post!

30 Sep

See what I did there? Probably not.

Sooo… job. It’s kindof life-consuming, but only because I spend most non-working hours just sitting in the office. I like my co-workers. Hey, co-workers! I LIKE YOU!

In the very near future, I’m going to make purses for Liz (copy editor) and Rosie (managing editor). This weekend I shall to drive alllll the way to Jo-Ann… a whopping 30 minutes away. But, y’know, compared to the 7-minute drive from California-home to that Jo-Ann it’s a bit of a journey.

I’m also working on “photographer mittens.” It’s getting colder here and cold fingers don’t take good photos. The solution? Make the most awkward mittens ever. It’s about the same concept as a “glitten,” but not at all like a glitten. I suppose I just need to finish them so all o’ you Internet-folks can see –maybe even taste and feel– the awkward.

This post is more for me than anyone else. If I write it and post it, I’m held accountable by THE INTERNET. Do you know how daunting that is? The Internet is more populated than Earth. Just sayin’.

Here’s a picture of a creepy cat.




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