Excitement of the Day & project(s)

9 Sep

Today I got a job after the longest hiring process of my life (thus far). I am now a photographer for the ALESTLE. While that’s got me all hyped up and stuff, it’s pretty unrelated here and I haven’t posted a knit project for some time. Here ya go:

Where's Waldo? Scarf

Waldo doesn’t actually wear a scarf, but I was asked to make it so I am. Customer’s always right. (Unless s/he is a complete idiot.)


Read bottom to top

This was on Twitter about 2 weeks ago. He’s right; there was a discrepancy between the post and the poll, but, unlike smart-ass Trevor here, the basic purpose of the post and poll was comprehensive. This converstweetion [k{rfa}nv{schwa}rstwi{lm}{sh}{schwa}n] (Linguistics freaks: that [r] is GA pronunciation, not an alveolar trill.) will be of importance at a later date.


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