It’s a [pencil] wrap

15 Aug

I recently started drawing again and I bought some new pencils and archival pens yesterday. “Where should I keep them?” I pondered. A regular pencil case is insufficient; The pencil package isn’t reusable… You Go Girl! No, I’m not just typing out an arbitrary phrase of encouragement, it’s a site I found that has a tutorial for a pencil roll. (She also has a pretty sweet Etsy shop.)

I have a lot of fabric lying around, so I figured it’d be easy to throw this together. I cut out some pieces and decided that I wanted the colors to match at least a little (I was going to use an Illinois print fabric I received from my aunt). Off to Mal-Wart I go! I got back around 7:30 and mentally noted that my friends were having a get-together at 8. Nope. I was caught up in a crafty craze and I ended up not goin. I did end up making a rockin’ awesome pencil wrap.

It’s not perfect. The binding is absolute crap, but I like how it turned out.  I’m a knitter not quilter (though I am planning on making a quilt).

Got pencils? Got a sewing machine? Go.



One Response to “It’s a [pencil] wrap”

  1. Paige 08/15/2010 at 3:23 pm #

    I heartily approve of this pencil wrap, and also your mad drawing skillz.

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