The Elms’ final performance

31 Jul

I would start with “What a weekend!” but tomorrow still qualifies as the weekend. So… What a Friday/Saturday!

Around 11am CDT, Ryan and I headed out for Indianapolis. It’s a 200+ mile drive right down I-70E. According to Google Maps, it takes 4 hours; according to Michelle driving, it takes about 3.5 hours. Nothing exciting happened on the way to Indianapolis. Well, we stopped for gas in Cloverdale and got raped by their price of gas (about $0.40 higher than Indianapolis), but that’s about it. We got to the hotel and even though I just drove for 3.5 hours, I couldn’t sit still.

We decided it was food time, so we went a pizza place across from Radio Radio. (Before we decided to go there, I was under the impression that we would return to the hotel before going to the concert and didn’t have my SLR.) The pizza was unimpressive, but it held me over for the next 7 hours. Yes, SEVEN. When we went into the restaurant, we saw a comic book store and decided to check it out after we ate. However, upon exiting the restaurant, I saw that a line had started to form. It was a little before 6:30. I told Ryan he could go to the store without me and I claimed a spot in line.

An hour and a half never felt so long… actually, in class it usually feels pretty long. Anyway, I was behind a couple “superfans” (read as: RULE #1 VIOLATORS) who immediately rushed to sit next to the stage. I sat down near them at an unideal spot (this’ll be explained later). Now it was 8:00. The show didn’t start for another hour and even then, Micah Tawlks had an opening set. 9 o’clock rolled around and Micah played some sweet music for about 45 minutes. 10 o’clock. The Elms.

As they walked on stage, the audience went crazy. It didn’t take long for Owen and Thom to start tearing a bit. I had the same feeling I get when I watch LOTR: Return of the King. I don’t blame ’em one bit. (Real men cry.)

I took a lot of pictures and with every one I wished I had my SLR. A lot of my pictures are of Owen and Nate since I was standing stage right. I would have preferred to be more middle or left (not politically), but the superfans beat me to it. I don’t know how much time had passed, but I had to give up my spot to Nate’s parents.

It was getting hot and sweaty in the front and Ryan’s back was hurting from standing so long (what an old man) so we migrated to the bar. I got a bottle of water (that’s for my mom) and we sat on a couple open stools. As it neared 1 in the morning, the crowd thinned out a bit, at least enough for me to wiggle back into the front. A woman helped me get past big burly guys who didn’t notice that I was trying to get by. I finally got to stand somewhere less restrictive to picture taking.

I’m not sure I’ve ever smiled so much (maybe at my wedding). I was excited I was there and sad it was going to be over soon. By 2:30, the encore was had and the show was over. I stuck around to get their autographs (not like I haven’t had theirs before) and chat a bit. I got hugs (which normally is not okay, but I’ll make exceptions for The Elms). Oh, shoot, I’m nearly crying just thinking about last night. It was such a bittersweet happening.

Ryan and I got back to the hotel at 3am. We left around 10a EDT (9a CDT)and got home around 2p CDT. It took longer to get back because we stopped for lunch and to trade driving.

Now, last night feels surreal. I know I was there (I have the “Save lives – Spay & neuter” stamp to prove it), but soon it will be Monday and I have papers due. Going to Indianapolis to see The Elms was worth the (less than) 4-hour drive and the lack of wi-fi in the hotel room and the bad pizza and the hours of standing and the crappy hotel soap that seemed to only make my skin feel sticky and the time I could have spent on writing papers.

It’s back to the grind, whatever that means. Pictures will be posted to my flickr in time.


(If I can write this, I can surely tackle a couple 3 page papers.)


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