Michelle’s Concert Guidelines

29 Jul

Tomorrow, I’m going to see The Elms in their final performance. A moment of silence, please.

Moving on. Concerts need to be pleasant experiences. With these formerly unwritten guidelines, I always had a good time at concerts. So, here’s to having a good time!

1. Don’t wear a band t-shirt of the band you are going to see. You’re there because you like the band. There’s no need to advertise. My default concert shirt is The Who. It’s classic and The Beatles are overrated.

"Flame Angels" is never okay.

Sorry, The Elms. I'm wearing my trusty The Who shirt.

2. Wear comfy shoes. My shoes of choice? Either Chucks or Toms. In my experience, the only venues that offer seating are churches, bars, and theme parks. In any other case, you’ll end up standing for a couple hours. If you wear flip flops, you’ll probably only go home with one.

Kickin' since 2004

I'm so legit, TOMS doesn't even make these anymore.

3. Carry the essentials. ID, wallet/wad of cash, camera, cellphone, chapstick. Everything else is extraneous.

Stuffs you need.

4. “Be cool, Honey Bunny.” If/when meeting the band, treat them like people because they are people. This, of course, is coming from the girl who told the frontman of her favorite band, “I named a tree after you… it died.” Gimme a break; I was 15!
“Hey, guys! Great show!” is harmless. “OMGOMGOMGHAVEMYBABIEZZZ!” is terrifying.

5. Ear plugs. If you need ’em or value the ability to hear, bring ’em. I usually bring a couple just in case.

These are not carrots.

And last but not least,



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