Um… blog much?

13 May

So I haven’t said much in …hm, let’s see… nearly a month?

I have a few half decent excuses:

  1. Papers
  2. Finals
  3. Pre-wedding shindigs for my friends
  4. Good ol’ Macbook Pro hard drive failed (again)
  5. Guild Wars

Okay, so maybe the last one isn’t even half decent, but I am not ashamed to say that I am a level 15 (almost 16!!) Ranger.


I have been doing a fair amount of yarn crafting. Normally, I’d say knitting, but I have been doing other yarn-y things, like crocheting lil’ amigurumi critters (and a David Tennant Doctor). I’m gonna toot my own horn and say that The Doctor is adorable (crocheted and f0rrealz). I also started on the SNB Big Sack Sweater earlier today. It took 9 episodes of Buffy (actual unit of time) to finish. I’d post pictures, but as I mentioned above, my laptop is out of commission. Then how are you blogging? I’m using a dinosaur of a laptop. The specs? 9.3 lbs, 60GB HDD, 512MB SDRAM, and a battery life of 18 minutes. I’m not at all ungrateful for my back up lappy; it’s just not quite ideal. Despite its prehistoric qualities, she runs Guild Wars pretty well… I suppose they were in the same generation of technology.

Wait… what’s this blog about? Oh yeah — knitting. I started the front panel, but I’m calling it quits for the day. I need a break from all the cotton fibers that have been flying in my face and sticking to my clothes. I was going to open this post with “what knits for hours and is red all over?” To which the answer is me. [insert lulz here]


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