Things I Bought That I Love

18 Feb

Paige Wesley (my muy bueno friend from high school and pop-culturist extraordinaire) has a blog and it’s awesome. Everyone should harass her because she needs to post more. Don’t actually do that. Maybe I just blog too much… because I am an internet zombie and I have nothing better to do than bloggity blogblog. That’s not true. I have homework and reading to do. (Hi, Heather!)

Anyway, she recently paid homage to Mindy Kaling’s late (or pending renewal) blog, Although I never visited the site, I know PW has mentioned it to me several times and I decided I need (yes, need) to respond as well.

Yarn Winder – $19.99

I knew how to make center pulling balls of yarn before buying this, but this little gadget is AWESOME. The best part? It was $20. I started looking for Yarn winders a while ago and the ones I found were all around $30-$40, which was stupid.

Clover Point Protectors -Michaels $2.99

I very nearly hate circular needles. The alternative to circular needles is double-pointed needles. DPNs are great for gloves, socks, i-cords, and hats less than ~100 sts in circumference. Two problems stem from loving DPNs: 1) it’s difficult to store without losing stitches; 2) stitches slide off the needles while working. Point protectors solved both of these problems.

Pomegranate White Tea – Fresh & Easy /Trader Joe’s $2.99

I started drinking (fair-trade) PWT from Fresh & Easy back in Arizona. My parents brought me ~3 boxes when they came out here for my wedding, but I ran out. Luckily, Trader Joe’s carries a PWT, too. It’s not quite the same, but it’s something. I love this tea enough to drive 30-40 minutes to buy a box of 20 bags.

Quiet Company: Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon- iTunes $9.99

In high school, I went through this really weird “I-only-like-local-bands-that-aren’t-local-to-my-actual-locale” kick. The Connotations were a part of that. I was nearly heartbroken when The Connotations disappeared. Thankfully, Taylor Muse carried on the sound in Quiet Company. This album is bomb. Buy it… right now. Forreals.

And don’t forget to check out Paige of Doom!



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