Februrary 8-16 and some

16 Feb

First of all, remember those baby pants? I really wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. I ended up making a hat for Xander. Sorry, kid. You could’ve had pants. Maybe next year when you’re mobile.



Second, February 8-9: Baby Booties – I only made one because I felt like it looked funny. Anyone mind lending me a baby so I can figure out their general size? I don’t want to keep it. Forreals. I don’t want to keep your baby.


Thirdly, February 10-16: Lace Headband, Embroidered Heart Sachet, and Basket-Weave Place Mat – Unless you comment and say that you honestly want one of the items, I’m skipping almost another week of knitting.

waste o' time; waste o' yarn

Lastly, I’ve been knitting stuff for a at-risk mothers’ baby shower. You’ll have to read about that at my other blog: http://michellebeardac.wordpress.com.



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