Holy multitasking, Batman!

22 Jan

Many many things are going on right now. I’m filling some dream catcher jars for a friend; making my entry for threadknits; thinking really hard about the Miss Priss Diaper pants; staring at my half finished throw; wondering if my gloves will turn out right this time; thinking about making IPA index cards for school; thinking about cleaning; and trying to convince myself that it shouldn’t be difficult for me to leave my apartment to go to Michaels (with a 40% off coupon).

Whew! Run-on sentence? It was worth it; I like semi-colons.

The moral of the story is that I have a lot of my metaphorical plate. Of course the question is “why are you blogging about it rather than doing it?” Because I’m literally watching paint dry… and drinking drank my second gas-uccino of the day.

*sigh* Thanks for the guilt trip, jerks.



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