HANK You, Mommy!

21 Jan

I love getting packages from my parents. They usually send me a package because I left something in Arizona or because they love me. This time it was because I forgot something.

After Christmas, I was so excited about having a sewing machine in my apartment. 5 hours and 1,500 miles later I realized that I forgot the power cord/pedal and my little pouch of accessory feet. I got one package on Tuesday. It contained the wallet I got Ryan for Christmas, the sewing machine power cord, my hairbrush, and patterns &  fabric I bought eons ago. Today, I came home and Ryan told me that we got a package from my mom. It had some more patterns, my sewing cutting board, two hanks of yarn, and… what the heck? Paper towels and gummi bears?

So… these  two hanks of yarn are interesting for a few reasons.
1) I’ve never worked with hanks of yarn.
2) I don’t know what kind of yarn it is.
3) ???

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. OR my mother with email/call/comment and explain the contents of the 2nd package.



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