Oh boy!

20 Jan

I decided to come home during my 5-hour break mostly because I left through the door facing the parking lot rather than the one that leads to the rest of campus.

Anyway, while surfing the internet (as I often do), I noticed some jobs/internships that looked especially desirable. Now I’m all excited for next time there are internship openings and whatnot! What are these AMAZING opportunities?

The one that really sparked this post is Gizmodo’s opening for a copyediting intern which is right up my alley. I LOVE (prescriptive) GRAMMAR! Sure, criticize me for my occasional typo/grammatical error in my blogs, BUT I’m not an English major for nothin’. This internship is in New York, which is kindof a big deal since Husband is here. I don’t really know whether or not I’ll pursue this, but it sounds mighty nifty.

There are other sites I would like to work for/write for, but I’m not sure if they have/like interns.

The world is an exciting place.


I’ve been doing some knitting. No, I’m not yet finished with the throw… that thing is a BEAST.

After classes & work, I’m headed straight to Michaels to get the appropriate yarn for Miss Priss & Lambie-Pie.



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