January 4-7: Bucket Bag

5 Jan

The throw is proving to be a tad bit more difficult than I expected. I modified the pattern and I’m not quite sure it was a good idea. We’ll see.

I haven’t started the latest project, but it looks fairly simple. For the sake of not going out to buy the required yarns, I plan on substituting according to weight. The project was broken up into two 2-day cards. The first day is the bag and the second day is felting & notions.

I have never felted before… even blocking is somewhat new to me. I’m searching the Internets for some insight on felting. I know, I know. I could check the gazillion knitting books I have on my bookshelf and they would tell me exactly what I need to know. HOWEVER, I’m closer to my laptop and feeling rather cold and lazy right now.

The most promising information I have found so far is, “Drinking some alcohol is probably a good idea…”



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