A year of knitting

27 Dec

No, I’m not talking about how long I’ve had this blog. I just picked up a calendar (50% off!) and it has 100ish patterns. I know there are 365 days in a year, but some of the patterns are marks for two or three days. I’m super excited about this coming year. It’s the beginning of going to a 4-year university again, I have 8 months left of my year with Americorps (see my blog about that here), and starting Friday, I will be knitting through the year with my new calendar.

Throughout the year, I hope to document all of these projects. If I fall behind, I welcome reminders in the comments!

Happy Holidays* and K.O.K.O.

*”Happy Holidays” used to encapsulate Christmas and New Year’s day, not for political correctness.


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