Absolutely nothing to do with knitting

7 Sep

I realize that some readers who may just be here for the few projects that I post may be put off by the title, but please read on.

Lately, my husband and I have been keeping the window open and the AC off in an effort to lower our electricity bill. Even though there is a screen on the window, creepy crawlies and flying insects find their way into our apartment. A while ago we had a big problem with little flies — not fruit flies, little flies– so we bought some fly ribbon and a flyswatter. We put up two ribbons: one in the kitchen and one with the guinea pigs. They each caught one fly. I had a goodly amount of luck swatting some of them, except for the time I stood on the keyboard bench, swatted at a fly, and fell flat on my back. Eventually, the problem ceased and everyone was happy.

Today I found another fly. This time it was a big(ger) fly. I was afraid it would lay eggs in my guinea pigs’ cage since it had happened before. It spent most of its time flying around the pigs’ room. It rarely landed and when it did, it would be with the pigs. I finally got sick of swatting and missing so I started randomly swinging the flyswatter through the air until…

Fly: zoom



One Response to “Absolutely nothing to do with knitting”

  1. Hannah 09/07/2009 at 6:19 pm #

    epic indeed! that’s so skillful, michi.

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