Cable Access Bag

25 Apr

It’s finally finished! I really enjoyed this project; I love cables, even though they really suck to unknit.

I used Red Heart Super Saver in Country Blue — I have a LOT of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. I lined the bag with an old shirt I’ve been using to patch up various articles of clothing like… my shoes.

I bought and wore these shoes for homecoming my senior year (February 2006)

I bought and wore these shoes for homecoming my senior year (February 2006)

Anyway, as I had mentioned three posts ago, I found this pattern in Not Your Mama’s Knitting. It’s a pretty great book. My next project will be the “Split Personality” sweater from the same book.
On Monday, I went to Michaels ready to use my 40% off coupon on the first 50% Cotton/ 50% Acrylic yarn I could find. The Michaels here doesn’t have the best selection of yarn, but eventually I found Lion Brand Cotton Ease. It felt really nice and it was marked down from $6-ish to $3.99. I bought two skeins in Almond and planned on going back the next day. I ended up going on Wednesday. I went straight to where I had found the Cotton Ease and was disappointed to see that there were only two skeins of almost left while the pattern requires nine 1.75oz skeins– or four and half 3.5oz skeins. After a couple minutes of deep thinking, I decided to buy a contrasting color: Charcoal. Sometimes I think I’m a bit color blind since dark greys and blues look the same to me as well as bright oranges and pinks… but I digress.
School starts in a little under a month and until then, I plan on working on this sweater with regular updates until then.



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