16 Sep

I’m a slacker. Well, I’m a busy slacker.

Work, school, sleep… when do I have time to knit? Pretty much all the time.

As the weather cools, I’ve noticed my hands getting chilly while shooting at night. The solution? I will finally knit up a pair of photog gloves.

While fingerless gloves are useful, they don’t promote optimal finger warmth. Summat like these would be goodish.

A self-made pattern shouldn’t be too difficult, considering it would just be a matter of binding off a finger early, right?

I suppose we’ll find out soon.

Until next time,



Pancake muffins!

8 Apr

I love breakfast. More specifically, I love pancakes.

I was surfing through foodie blogs and remembered that it’s been a while since I’ve read Bakerella. In ‘Featured Sweets’ there was a little picture of what looked like little chocolate chip muffins. Intrigued, I clicked through and found Mini Maple Pancake Muffins.

Pancake muffins? YES PLEASE.

I’ll admit that I didn’t make the batter from scratch. I just don’t have that kind of time… or patience. I grabbed my Bisquik and got a-mixin’. 10 minutes later…

They’re not quite as cute as Bakerella’s, but they were delicious.

Until next time,


16 Mar

I was working on my sock today in class. I’m pretty happy with how it was turning out then all of a sudden…


My exact reaction: “WHAT THE WHAT?!”

I’ve had it for all of 8 days and I already broke it. Well, there goes $8 I’ll never get back. I suppose I’ll have to upgrade to aluminum or Knit Picks’ nickel plated circular needles.

The end.

2 months later…

15 Mar

I wore my sweater shortly after my last post. It wasn’t until taking it off that I realized I haven’t blocked or washed it. This reminder came in the form of being covered in red lint for the rest of the day.

I’ve been trying out socks recently. Doing it on dpns was annoying, so I decided to invest in a size 1 circular needle, which is INCREDIBLY hard to find outside of the Internet and little knit shops.

But here’s a fun story:

Ryan and I made a semi-spontaneous trip to Kentucky. While driving down Baxter Ave in Louisville, I spotted a store called The Knit Nook. How could I not check it out? When we got to the door, there was a sign informing customers that they were going out of business and there were discounts on EVERYTHING. I was simultaneously sad and excited; it sucks to see small businesses close because of the economy, but now I could get bamboo needles (my favorite) on the cheap. Size 1 24″ circular needles were $8.25 instead of $10.25. In retrospect, I should have bought two.

I started the sock (yes, singular) yesterday in class and this is what I’ve got so far:

Knit Picks Stroll Sock Yarn in Dusk

And yes, if you’re a Greenville reader, I am in Jo’s Java.

In case you’re wondering, the yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Sock Yarn in Dusk, which I inherited from my sister when I was in California for her wedding.

& that’s all for now,

Scarcer? I hardly know ‘er!

11 Jan

Regular updating was nice while it lasted. I have quite a bit more free time this semester, so maybe I’ll resume knitting in class.

There are several projects I’ve been working on. Socks are something that will come about eventually…maybe soon, depending on when I get around to getting the right circular needles. With winter a-roaring, it’ll be nice to have some warm wool socks around.

That reminds me– I have a sweater that needs to be worn soon. I honestly forgot. It took me three months to finish that darn thing and I forgot I even had it. Shame on me.

Look! I saw Spamalot!



7 Jan

I did it! Yeah, yeah… it’s been two week, but cut me some slack. I was in California for 5 days & jetlag is a B.

I worked on the gloves quite a bit to and in California. Knitting on a plane? Not so good for me. I kept dropping my needles and thinking that they were lost forever. I found the needles during stops, but after a while I figured it was just time to put it all away. I also worked on the gloves the day before and the day of my sister’s wedding.

“Welig” from Knitting New Mittens & Gloves by Robin Melanson

To be honest, I’m not completely satisfied with them. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t blocked them. I really should block them. Fine. You’ve guilted me into it. I’ll start blocking them tonight.


Coming soon to a near you!

27 Dec

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